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Me and my friends here in Bangkok are head-over-heels for summer that we can't majorly agree on the details of our upcoming summer escapades. With the Kingdom's Songkran Holidays coming this April, we already made plans for spending the rest of the Festival on the Island of Ko Si Chang. And my favorite thing which is the fun part and definitely the best one is planning for my OOTDs and shopping for cute summer essentials, taking cues from my favorite celebs and bloggers who already jump-started their summer holidays. 

I need to do shopping right now or I might rob their closets. Hahaha, epic! For the meantime, here are my current favorites and some tips on upgrading your wardrobe;

Black Kimono

When in doubt, just wrap yourself in Kimono and you're secured instantly. I love how Kimono's style up your casual outfit and can team-up with basically anything; bikini, shorts or jeans. Win win!

รูปภาพที่โพสต์โดย Kelly Misa-Fernandez (@kellymisa) เมื่อ

Black Dress

My blogger friend +Michele Elizabeth once said, "When somebody complains you have the too much black outfit, get rid of them" which I definitely can relate on. I almost always go for black color when shopping for dresses and accessories but still find it surprising that I wore all black outfit on most of my photos. Hi Georgina, I see you! Lol

รูปภาพที่โพสต์โดย Georgina Wilson (@ilovegeorgina) เมื่อ

Colored pants

Can we talk about yellow and GREEN trousers (I need it asap) for a moment and how to dress creatively? Martine's style and face undeniably have more structure than my entire life. Hahaha! This It-girl owns every outfit she wore. All of her instagram OOTD's are double-tap worthy. Plus her witty captions are beyond genius. Girl crush!

รูปภาพที่โพสต์โดย Martine Cajucom (@ilovemartine) เมื่อ

Off-the-shoulder Lace and Jeans Short

I swear I have worn the same outfit combination on one of my trips to Krabi last year except that I missed one blogger styling tip of putting on a chic hat to complete the look. I can't help donning on the same outfit combo for my upcoming beach trip copying Emily's style this time. 

รูปภาพที่โพสต์โดย Emily Schuman (@emilyschuman) เมื่อ

Floral Terno

Alex's OOTDs are so on point! Not to mention her good sense of humor. I singled-out this Floral Terno from her photos for its spring into summer vibes. I've been stalking her IG lately for cute outfit inspirations. Check out her recent trip to Singapore with friends and feast your eyes with their colorful matchy-matchy outfit. Bff goals!  

รูปภาพที่โพสต์โดย Alex Gonzaga (@cathygonzaga) เมื่อ

Selena Gomez did it again! If only we can wear bikini and boots around the house while doing household chores and running errands, but then again, we're not Selena Gomez! "Nothing but our t-shirts on", come on sing with me!

รูปภาพที่โพสต์โดย Selena Gomez (@selenagomez) เมื่อ

Taylor Swift Bikini Bod

We can copy her bikini style but not her bikini body? Wrong. Not in 2 weeks maybe but in our lifetime? Yes! If we'll work hard for it, y'know.

That's all! Hope you pick one or two tips from this collection. If not, let's put on our favorite "pambahays" and just be lazy! Lol!

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