33 Cool Things We Did in Koh Samui

By Glenda Rondo - 9:37:00 PM

If you're looking for a less commercialized Island getaway that even the how-to-get-there-and-from is faced with various worth it challenges, then Koh Samui, Thailand is ideal for you. The vibe is so laid back but adventures can be found anywhere. There's something serene and splendid about nature untouched by human hands. 

Woke up early to catch the sunset - only on the first day! :)
Ate King crab for dinner, shrimp for dessert and everything seafood in between :)

Had a deep conversation with my daughter about the difference of high tide and low tide

Realized that my baby really is a mermaid - a water baby indeed!

Walked and talked like we had all the time in the world :)

Took advantage of free foot spa

Swing up to our heart content

Walked a vastly wide seashore on low tide looking for at least 1meter deep water for a swim, but gave up in the end

Wrestling is better under water

Night swimming is a good idea when you arrive on the first day feeling exhausted

Taught my daughter about folk dancing - the only kind of dance I'm good at hahaha

Told the camera man to dive in water for good lighting :)

Took crab-ing seriously by heart

We're good at Kayaking if we are near the seashore

Stay adorable under the scorching heat of the sun

Read a good, funny highly entertaining book and sleep halfway through

Played beach volleyball against water

Ordered wood pizza - when pan pizza is out of order!

Packed a good lunch and had a picnic near the road under the trees

Had an early dinner with the restaurant manager

Be confident enough to wear bikinis when no one's watching

Emerged as the winner when you're competing with your past self in kayaking

Drink to dehydrate not to be hyperactive

Took your afternoon siesta under the palm trees watching every breaking wave

Did nothing

Convinced your daughter that Kayaking is a good sport - what?

Because you can't stay in the beach forever 24/7

Get lost like literally

Cleaned the backyard on the first day because tito is too busy at work

Don't worry about nature's calling, the sea is a wide comfort

To put all of these into perspective - I'm beyond blessed

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