Kindness Matters #passiton

By Unknown - 11:03:00 PM

**Our Koh Samui trip soon on this blog**

At Ate Carol's Detox and Spa Hotel

Basically, what you put out there and what you genuinely shared to others is multiplied and comes back a thousand fold. We are not perfect people or family but there are certain maybe only one important value passed on to us by our parents we need not brag but something we’d rather do and live by with all our hearts. In which I will continue to pass on to my children, (yes plural) Lol

To be honest with you, and something I’ll always sleep on with a smile on my face, all the best adventures and experiences we had in Koh Samui  (which I’ll be writing soon in series of blog posts) were partly sponsored by a good Samaritan named Ate Carol, in which as she sincerely puts it; this is nothing compared to what your family had done for me when I was desperately in need and you provided almost everything.

Thank God, my faith in humanity has been restored (in Koh Samui) J

Also, I would like to thank my brother Nad for the food and accommodations :)

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  1. You guys are such a cute family

  2. Lovely photos!


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