Light Outfit Guide on the Beach

By Glenda Rondo - 9:50:00 PM

They say, be open to casual invitations, change of plans and things not coming/going your way. These will open you to the endless possibilities ,they said. I don't know who they are but they certainly make sense. And this by far the best thing I ever stumbled upon.

But what's a girl gonna do or pack with such a spur of the moment "lets-go-for-a-week-long-holiday-on-the-Island-of-Samui-on-Saturday" in such a short notice? When it comes to quick prepping I've come up with a better strategy and triumphed over the art of packing light with no excess baggage. Lol!

Abstract Pattern Off Shoulder Top from Something Borrowed
For the love of off the shoulder tops, this style has won the most number of apparel stored in my closet lately. I've used the same off shoulder top during a family trip to Krabi sometime last year but paired it with short jeans and worn backwards to hide my belly fat. Yay or nay!

My darling of the moment cover-up. (Oops I have only one) and I bought it from a churchmate. It is made of high-class fabric and exquisite handmade crochet that looks flirty sheer and full of charm. Also, it has an airy design so comfortable and light. Now I just have to figure out how to properly wash it because it doesn't come with tag and washing instructions.:(

Okay baby, you can have my slippers ;)

And lastly, this black overused-but-I-just-can't-help-it romper I got from Zalora Th. I mean, why not. You can't go wrong with jumpsuits and rompers, right? :)

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