Amazing Fun Time in the Bath with Pout Care's Best Products

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Hi Mommies,

Is shower time always a struggle with your toddler? Here are few tricks I borrowed from other mommies that might help you turn bath time into a super fun and amazing mommy-baby bonding :)

When Chloe refuses to take a shower, I try to make it fun by adding bubbles and her favorite toys in the tub. Once she sees me carrying her toys and towel to the shower room, she will follow right away. I even squeeze a little bit of shampoo for extra bubbles and splash it happily just to keep her busy. I sing silly songs, nursery rhymes, play ball games and pretend like we are swimming in a big wide pool.

But a few weeks ago I was in a dilemma with Chloe's thinning hair due to hair breakage and hair fall. Her hair tends to get dry so I try to get away from applying shampoo straight to her hair and managed to use a wet washcloth when rinsing instead of directly pouring water to her head. Then, instead of focusing on high brands to do the job, I tried to limit my option to hair care brands that are natural and organic. With this switch with organic and natural brands, I noticed a dramatic improvement in her hair condition and I'm happy with the result.

I know there's no rule that says our child's hair needs a daily shampoo or not to be shampooed at all, because this depends entirely on how much hair your child has and what kind of activities or environment she's most exposed in. As for Chloe, we spend most of our time staying and playing outdoors so I decided to wash her hair often.

Right now, I'm using a lot of products from Pout Care's newly launched Natural Hair Care for children with a unique and amazing theme Adventure Carousel. My rule of thumb when it comes to Children's haircare is that it must be formulated with natural ingredients and does not contain chemicals that are harmful to our children. I'm glad Pout Care came up with the idea of hair care product that's not only high in natural content but also appealing to children's budding imagination.

Who says natural and organic needs to be boring and lifeless?

What I like most about Pout Care's Natural Hair Care range aside from the fact that it is free from animal products and testing, and is 100% vegetarian,  is its colorful carousel adventure theme you can not find in any other hair care brands in the market. It helps me develop some sort of ritual for distracting or keeping my toddler's busy with its attractive packaging design, quirky characters, and fun poems. I love reading books and stories to Chloe and it's a good idea that Pout Care included short poems on every character on their packaging. This chic and sophisticated bottle stand out in the sea of transparent hair care bottles for children. And even with longer playtime under the sun, Chloe's hair smells fantastic and fruitylicious. (Please add that to the dictionary)

These natural hair care products are currently available in specialty stores such as 1010 Mother & Child, Mom Essentials, Ocean Paradise and Life Racer. It is widely distributed by Singapore-based Pout Pte Ltd., a product distributor specializing in personal care brands such as children's personal care and athletic care. Alternatively, we can shop and experience their products through their online store

Here's the complete list of products from Pout Care's hair care line to give you a better picture of their unique and innovative products. I also included a short review with some products I'm currently using;

When it comes to scent, Strawberry Magic smells a bit pungent compared to Blueberry Potion. I'm not really a fan of overpowering smell so I prefer Blueberry Potion over this. But I think, Chloe says otherwise. She insists on using the "pink one" during bath time :)

This potion is addicting! I only dab a little amount on Chloe's hair and the smell is longer lasting. Daddy gives his stamp of approval on this scent too. Nevertheless, both Strawberry and Blue Potion did a great job :)

My first time to use conditioner on my baby and I can see the shining effect on the hair right after I apply and massage it on Chloe. And no need for combing as it leaves the hair shiny looking and tangle-free.

This is my favorite; yes I even use it on my hair! I love the smell and how convenient it is to carry with us everywhere. Chloe loves playing "rolling in the bed" (yes even on the grass) and expect her hair full of tangles and going in all directions right after. It's great for styling too. Just spray a small amount on hair, comb it with your fingers and style it as desired.

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  1. Aw, soo cute!

    Happy Monday Doll!! Ps: I'm hosting a Giveaway. I'd love if you entered!

  2. These products seem super kid friendly and how adorable is their packaging!


  3. SO cute!! We use honest brand bubble bath, but this looks like a cute brand to give a try!


  4. These products sounds amazing!!!! I seriously can't even give my son a bath because he is such a wild man! It scares me. My husband has to do it! Ha! Hope you had a great start to your week, lady! Thanks for sharing!

    Xox Dana Ivy //

  5. Soo cute! Love this post!
    Love from {a lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and food blog}

  6. love the packaging. it so cute!

    Love LC

  7. These products sound amazing! Thanks for sharing :)

    Pop over to my blog!


  8. They sound like lovely products :) Glad you have a routine that works for you and your daughter :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  9. Magnifique !
    Kiss, Elodie

  10. She's adorable! Lovely post. Will keep your tips in mind for whenever I have kids :)

  11. Shes so cute! :)

  12. The Pout packaging is absolutely adorable! :]

    // ▲ ▲

  13. I love natural products. This looks like a great brand. Have a terrific weekend.

  14. Very sweet photos!


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