My 27th Month Old: Language Preference + Familoop Giveaway

By Glenda Rondo - 6:43:00 PM

While it’s true that I’m presently concerned with Chloe’s speech development I love the idea of exposing her to different languages aside from Tagalog presumably foreign ones like English and Thai. I know it would be extremely difficult for her to catch up and add more confusion to her slow speech progress but I’m looking into the longer-lasting benefits of hearing unique foreign sounds. And the catch is that kids learn languages more easily during these times while their brains are working feverishly great compared to mine. Yes, maybe she would have smaller vocabularies but I know she’s picking up countless words I’m telling her more than what she could actually say.

I’m working on this by taking a video of her during our “study time with Chloe” sessions wherein I encourage her to repeat the words after me. This strategy works well when she’s busy playing or watching TV than forcing her to say it again over time. I noticed this when her Dad tried to copy my style but with a twist of “say it!” in the end and Chloe typically responds with a default face blankly staring at the ceiling. Chloe just says NO to every single word. Lol!

While I appreciate people talking to her in English I encourage some to speak their native languages like Thai people we encounter on elevators and restaurants. I’m okay with only me doing the entire English conversations with her since English is not my main language and I can improve my confidence lingo along the way –you know!

And I can always buy her some books we could read together or lend her my phone and choose whatever youtube channels she can watch when I’m not around, as an additional familiarity that can boost her brain.

And speaking of technology when kids park themselves in front of the computer and ditch their toys over tabs and iPad the struggle of safeguarding them around the clock is REAL! You’re lucky if your kid doesn’t show a bit of interest to phone/computer but if your toddler can operate the phone or computer better than your adult self then we’re in the same boat and it’s not a good ride.

Luckily, Chloe’s online activities and gadget are installed with Familoop’s Parental Control Software wherein I can check what she’s doing, how long she’s staying online and if she’s running into trouble. This way I can focus on being a cool parent preparing her to be a multilingual kid in a foreign land instead of constantly battling over phone/computer limits.

How does it work?

Familoop Safeguard makes it easy for us parents to check on our kid’s online activity by managing all their devices in one control software. By bringing all this information together we’ll have a better picture of our child’s digital life and never will we get a feeling of missing something out.

My personal experience;

So I went to try on their 10-day free trial and have this amazing experience navigating their application manager. In fact, I'll extend this amazing experience to one year, yay! Since Chloe's personal phone I gave her for playing videos and games was broken a few days ago, I installed Familoop on my own device but with Chloe's account. The problem with our kids using our phone is that they might access our personal apps like online shopping and do terrible things. One day, this fear was realized when Chloe unintentionally answered my personal messages on Messenger  and even went as far as commenting on my friends' social media updates. (Mind you, my friend's online incident was worst, her kid bought expensive app game on her iPad by accident).

This is where Familoop Safeguard comes in when Chloe mistakenly click on my apps aside from her games a warning sign will pop out "this app is blocked due to age rating" and at the same time, Familoop will send me a prompt email that "Chloe launched an application Messenger". This way Chloe will not be able to open any application (esp spam messages or apps) or answer my personal messages by accident because Familoop will block it for her.

My Verdict:

The moment I receive warning signs, I felt a sudden relief and security with my child's online activities. I highly recommend you do sign-up at their website and try it for 10 days for free on all your child’s devices. You can also check and follow their Facebook page and Twitter for more updates. I admit, I was a bit lost between information but after watching their Interactive Live Demo I was able to navigate their website and know their product formally and quickly. Note: if in any case you want to uninstall the product, don't fret! You can always deactivate the product on your account then uninstall it from your device ;)

Leaving you with a Giveaway of 25% DISCOUNT! Just use my code “expatpetite” and it will instantly be applied in your shopping cart on any subscription you choose. Enjoy smart parenting and welcome to Familoop Safeguard.

Thanks, Familoop Safeguard for sponsoring today’s post.

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