Weekend Well Spent + Something Borrowed Dress

By Glenda Rondo - 6:05:00 PM

Back in my home country Philippines, today is history in the area of politics. We will be having our new President in few hours and I couldn't be more proud of my countrymen voicing out and doing their part. I'm praying for a peaceful and successful election. Change is indeed coming!!

Last week was an absolute whirlwind. I went to work for three days and the rest were holidays well spent with my family. We got to see the angry birds movie in the big screen and took a lot of pictures afterwards.

I wore this simple navy dress from Something Borrowed which is basically made of a very thick material but I love how the tailored design and laser cut style adds structure to my tiny frame. It exudes a casual elegance even when paired with sandals. I'm always a big fan of structured pieces and tailored ones that fits and tones the right amount of curves, yay! I shy away from thin and sheer clothing mostly emphasizing my tiny figure not to mention the unpleasant attention, lol!

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