My 29th Month Old : Daddy's Little Girl

By Unknown - 11:20:00 PM

Can we get real and personal for a moment?

I heard some alarming trend from my teenage relatives back home; most are expecting, some are assuming and (proud) and it’s kind of frightening. It makes me wonder, if what I’ve written or posted on social media somehow gave them the slightest idea? I don’t wanna give you the wrong impression (especially the teens and the young ladies) that motherhood or parenthood is all about the cute photos, matchy-matchy outfit or the everyday #ootds. It’s HARD WORK and it’s beyond being responsible; I want you to know that you’re raising a little human who will become part of a larger society and his attitude and ways towards people around him will reflect you, as their parents.

I know, I’m not your mom and it’s your own life and you can do whatever you want but I just hope you know what you're doing. Because if not, do me a favor! Cook dinner for your mom, sit down and listen to her stories. Take every single word she has to say (take it seriously) chew it until it fills the pore of your being.

On the other news,

During the past few weeks, I noticed Chloe is beginning to favor her Dad over me and her favoritism game is on and strong. I know it’s normal for kids but I can’t help and sometimes feel left out. Haha Jk. It varies from a small one like watching TV on Daddy’s side or to bigger ones like, “we’re not going anywhere without Daddy” kind of attitude. Her Dad, of course, loves all the attention but it can be disappointing at times especially when faced with public tantrums or bad tempers. She gets easily frustrated when stuck at home and Daddy needs to do some errands.  Like, okay you go with Daddy so I can finish some household chores too. Or so I can read my book and work on some deadlines. Terrific!! I can’t wait for the month that I’m her favorite again J

P.S Mommies,

Quick question, do you have an establish nap time or bed time you strictly follow? I know how important nap time for kids, but Choe just dropped her afternoon nap to around 5 o’clock in the afternoon. And so, bedtime becomes worse than ever. Sometimes no matter how hard we mind the clock, we ended up putting her to bed at around 11pm - 12 midnight and usually wake up around 10am every day for this whole month. And the cycle goes on and it’s not healthy. Any tips?

Thanks a lot for reading!

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  1. She is so cute!!
    Love from {a lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and food blog}

  2. Awe how cute is she

  3. Absolutely adorable and I love her red shoes! So chic!

    Dakota D.
    Instagram: @missdsquared413


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