My 31st Month Old: Favorite Word

By Glenda Rondo - 1:06:00 AM

My 31-month-old is probably getting more conversational and having more and more vocabularies. Let’s start with “Please” and “Thank You”, again? Yes because I love how these words come out naturally from her even if you’re the one asking a favor. Like when I say, “Chloe can you please hand me my towel?” She would happily respond with a yes and would even utter the sweetest words, “Thank You” in her most charming sometimes funny accent. Say Noah-say! Awe!!

While I’m still learning a discipline strategy that works best for me and Chloe, I’m not aware I’ve been responding to her unpleasant actions with a quick NO most of the time. That said, she rapidly picked up the word and I’m tagging it as her grand favorite.

And to be quite truthful, most of the time this month she loves to play a game called, “No matter how genuinely enthusiastic your requests are I will still answer you with a blunt NO”. Yep, it will take a lot of repetition yourself before you reached your limit and the answer is still – No!  Why? Because it’s her new favorite word and she’s discovering her own free will. (Haha, I hope so.) And if that’s the case, well Daddy and Mommy get mentally drained before the day’s end. Lol.

On the other news,

We just moved into our new place near my new job and Chloe loves our new neighborhood.  Every morning before I go to work I walk her to Victoria Garden, take a photo, and sip on my coffee while she plays on the swing. I love that there are quite a few parks and recreation areas scattered around our place providing children and mommies like me with fresh air and healthy outdoor activities. I also appreciate that my working schedule lets me spend my mornings with my little one and back home before she goes to bed at night. Thank God for small favors!

Thanks a lot for reading!

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