Aisle Style UK: Your Ultimate Prom Dress Guide

By Glenda Rondo - 1:20:00 AM

So when Aisle Style UK reached out to me and wanted me to showcase their latest collection of prom dresses I've said yes with a strange excitement. This reminds me of my Aunt's tailoring shop where I took an effort to make my own unique prom gown, "something that fits me well and represents my personality" I told my aunt and I can still clearly remember that approving look on her eyes. It would have been my own cinderella moment with an off-the-shoulder ruby ball gown except that our organizer canceled our JS Prom last minute. Well, teenagers are notorious for making their own rules and breaking somebody else's.

Anyway, I don't want you to get to that awkward stage where you'll look back at your prom pictures and cringe, okay?


Aisle Style was founded in 2007 and is a global online retailer of evening dresses, wedding dresses, and most especially prom dresses. They guarantee you the best quality products at reasonable prices. Aisle Style has a wide selection of high-quality custom-made prom dresses to fit your style, body type, and fashion sense.

How to pick the perfect prom dress:

Well, they say it depends on your figure or body type but we don't want to limit ourselves, do we? Maybe we already have the idea of a perfect dress in mind but still want to check out the most exciting trends this year. If you want to go with the latest trends then take cues from magazines, celebrities, and runways to have an idea of the most sought style of the season. Crop tops, lace trims, and sequins are everywhere and have been rocking the runway as well as the red carpet recently. You can try many styles and cut as you want but THEN AGAIN maybe they are right! The key is finding what looks best on you, fits you comfortably well and most especially makes you stand out of the crowd. If not then what’s the point? Lol.

With over 1200 different models, Aisle style UK prom dress collection has something for every girl’s idea of the “perfect dress”. And if you’re the girl who doesn't like trendy but prefers the timeless beauty like me, you can always look for their dresses made of flowy chiffon, sexy jersey, and satin fabrics: simple yet chic enough to become an instant favorite.

Now let's talk about the perfect length:

A fun off-the-shoulder long gown is one of my personal favorite styles for prom or any special occasion. Of course, short gowns and above the knee length can be amazing for petite like me as well. I love how their bubble hemline creates the curve for my small frame and show off a lot of legs. Haha! The only setback with short dresses though is that details can be crucial. In order to keep it, formal go for delicate laces, ruffle skirts, bold florals or sequins, and crystals combined. I mean we can forget about hemline but long prom dresses for me are more prom-worthy. Either way, solid colors are my best bet. ;p

And always remember you don’t have to break the bank to look fabulous:

Girls don’t let the cost of your prom dress be the reason your mom will keep you from attending. Remember prom can be one pricey evening; think of your transportations, accessories, makeup and shoes that could add up to your expenses. But the good news is you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to look fantastic on your prom. You can shine as bright as anyone else with ordinary or cheap prom dresses just by acting as if they were pricey. Confidence is the key. You can’t have a good time unless you are fully confident in your own beauty. Just plaster a smile on your face and enjoy your moment.

Goodluck and thanks a lot for reading,

** This post was sponsored by Aisle style and as usual, all opinions are my own**

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