There Are Many Ways To See the World

By Unknown - 7:53:00 PM

I’m  yearning for the sound of water flowing from the faucet, the sink is clogged.
 I’m longing for the giggling of kids and heavy footsteps running up and down the stairs – beautiful slippers are scattered all around.
 I’m curious about the people talking behind the walls - with noises I don’t understand.  
I love the transparency of emotions on a woman’s eyes when she’s giving you something or asking you for a favor – her head bowed down. 
I love to hear stories of the past – good or bad. I listen to every testimony this woman imparts – God is indeed good in everyone’s life. 
I wonder how she loves to wear this worn-out dress when she’s this close to complaining she has a lot of dress to organize.
 I admire this person’s ability to convince and sell you something you don’t personally support – she understands that. 
I unleash genuine smiles and children greetings in the morning air – the hype of being a morning person. 
 I love the idea of having a shared bathroom and the chaos it cause us every Sunday morning – this reminds me of values sometimes forgotten.
 I appreciate how they offer to take good care of my child and squeezed her with lots of hugs and kisses – I can always fix her ponytails and hairdos in case you got it ruined.
 I hate the smell of cigarettes, dirty floor, dead fishes, and overflowing trash bins – I appreciate if you can offer a hand.
 I’m always looking forward to the food you prepare for lunch and the trips we plan afterward. But unplanned trips are always the best – I’m more excited on that! 
I love the taste of milk tea delivered on my doorsteps – it awakens my senses.
 But most especially, I love the smell of the kitchen – the view of fresh vegetables like I woke up on my father’s farm. 
I like it all.  
"I see the value of each and every way of being and it makes me happy that these people are in this world!"
-G.R. Rondolos

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