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I've been pretty obsessed with pinning the perfect formal dresses lately; those with fashion-forward styling and kick ass details perfect for the young ambitious woman in me.


It's uncomfortable to hear those honest words of acknowledgement but truly satisfying to say them out loud sometimes instead of hiding them behind platitudes. Even if that would mean I've got way less likes and fewer engagements on Instagram because of my hashtag #glendaisamaterialgirl. Ha!

I mean if your Pinterest boards, subscriptions or wish list resembles lot like mine, you would find your online cart flooded with formal dresses galore. And instead of spilling your useful tips and helping your bride-to-be bff to get through the pre-wedding chaos on finding the perfect dress as she count the days to happily ever after, you found yourself  diverting to the fantasy of fitting the perfect formal dress for you. Of course, there's just so much planning to do, but first, secure the idea of looking great yourself- without upstaging the bride. Sounds familiar?

I hear yah. That's why I've put together these classy and elegant formal dresses from Australia that's picture prefect and adds a visual definition of elegant. It's difficult to choose only a few from this collection because they all look stunning and gorgeous but I'll put in the extra effort to narrow down your choices and saves you more time to plan your ensemble accordingly.

This blue formal dress signals you to pull out all the stops; the highest of heels, the sparkle of gems and the studded clutch that spells "main attraction". I love how this  hue conveys confidence and ultimate sophistication. With all the things associated with this color - the view of the ocean, the beautiful planets and the sky on a clear sunny day - this is no doubt the perfect dress for cooler vibes and  cheerful personality!

If you want to add more dresses to the list of things you want to ask your Santa husband or boyfriend on a payday, visit Formal Dress Australia and make sure to buy that cuteness before it's gone for good.
P. S if you're not feeling comfortable or confident with your dress, or even if it's just "okay", how can you expect to live a fabulous life?


***This post was sponsored by formal dress Australia. As usual all opinions are my own.***

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