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Guess what's this incredible thing happening at today? Our favorite hair care brand pout Care Singapore (read our review here) is having an amazing campaign and giveaway called pout Care Crusaders where they are looking for kids with admirable characters such as Kindness, Perseverance, Creativity and Love for Learning. I strongly believe in developing characters on kids over anything else, so help me God. I'm not a perfect mom but I would love to be remembered as the mom whose kids feed the dog on the streets, hold the door for people or that my girl would always say please, thank you or yes ma'am - if that's the only thing I could teach her and remember by heart.

So if you think this is what motherhood is mostly all about - to do everything we can to raise the next generation of good mannered citizen - nominate your child and stand to win over $100 worth of pout Care products. Just follow the mechanics below, use the hashtag #poutCareCrusaders or tag a mom friend to join in. It's always fun to join with friends supporting you all the way and don't forget to tell me in the comment section your #momgoals and your kid's admirable qualities :)

Let's start:

Crusade #1 - pout Care Crusaders who display Kindness.

Here's how you can nominate your child:

1. Ask your child to write down an act of kindness that he or she displayed recently. It could be a simple act towards a sibling, or towards a stranger. Your child can be as descriptive as possible - we want to hear the details of what your child did and how the other party reacted to his or her act of kindness. If your child is below 7 years old, you may write it on behalf of your child.

2. Like pout Care Facebook page here.

3. Post your child's description on your own Facebook page and include a photo of your child with his/her name and age. Use this hashtag #poutCareCrusaders anywhere in your post. If you do not include this hashtag, they will not be able to find your entry.

4. Tag pout Care Facebook page in your post.

5. Ask your friends and family to Like your post.

Voila, you're done! The top 2 posts with the most number of votes will win a set of pout Care products worth over $100. For more information visit their website.

So hurry, nominate your child today! Crusade #1 will close on 26 May 2017.

Thanks in advance for joining,

 ***This post is in partnership with pout Care Singapore. And as usual, all opinions are my own.

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