The Best Gift On Mother's Day | Quality Time + Gold Sneakers

By Unknown - 8:17:00 AM

 A new pair of gold sneakers!

How was your mother’s day celebration so far? Last week there was some sort of fairy-tale like in the air at our house as my loving husband built the princess-warrior-vibe closet of my dreams? I spent the day staring at this impeccably styled built-in hanging shelf paired with a “less is more” clothing rack making ample use of the space beneath this tiny but cozy space like ours. The word impeccable was not random (only the Gold sneaker in the title was!) because as I gaze at my display while sipping coffee, lying on the bed with Chloe (on our PJs!)  it seems to get dreamier and dreamier. Lol

Don’t we all fantasize about some quality time to ourselves especially on a Mother’s day? Spending the day with my loved ones would be the greatest gift of my life. I brought the puppy into our room, hang out on the bed until Chloe woke up with sloppy kisses all over. Daddy came in with my favorite coffee, which he usually does every single day of my life except that today he added extra condensed milk. Special hubby shoutout post coz after 6 rollercoaster-filled years, I can still feel all the feels! Sometimes moments and days like these are all I needed where I just want to relax and enjoy life, guilt-free J

This gold sneaker can wait another year, or maybe not.

Of course, we’ve seen how Gold Sneakers are clogging up our Insta feed or donned on fashion runways and I don’t see this sneaker moment ending anytime soon. This gold sneaker from StyleWE looks comfy and who wouldn’t say no to that stellar design and color, perfect for a sequined skirt paired with a basic tee. Go add to cart!!

Thankfully for an online shop like StyleWE, I can have my Mother’s day or holidays to myself and family, sometimes even wrap in beautiful packaging delivered to my doorstep.

Thus the impetus of this post; finding brands who share the same sentiment and making everyday lives less chaotic so we could spend more time with our families– setting our priorities straight!

A few months ago I’ve talked about how your ultimate love for designer’s clothing come to life at StyleWe. Today I’m talking about all their latest and fabulous collection at and get ready for this formal season in STYLE. In fact, at StyleWe the sky is the limit, you can mix patterns, colors, shoes, bags, jewelry and casual dresses.

 I’ve been in real style rut a couple of weeks ago as the perfect red formal dress I’ve been ogling for a colleague’s wedding was sold out at the last minute. The search at Bangkok’s market and shopping alley just couldn’t make me feel excited anymore. It’s just too many options and the ticking clock just added to the pressure. I was feeling under the weather and had to excuse myself to the wedding day itself. Such a bummer!

So I’ve put together a little inspired formal outfit guide from Justfashionnow for you to gobble up in case you do too. My ultimate favorite is this Spaghetti Sexy V-Neck Midi Dress and it's on fire! Be anything but simple in this stunning faux satin dress with spaghetti straps, sexy open back and chain-like back details. 

So now I’m showing you what else I’ve got my eye on:

Click through their website and widen your imagination when choosing an outfit because as most women would agree, anything goes with fashion.

Thanks a lot for reading!

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