The Dragon of the Month Club - Book Review

By Unknown - 6:48:00 AM

So what's your plan for the weekend? Little Chloe had her own nice little hiding place a.k.a her new bed Daddy designed to serve only one goal - resting and reading without being separated from everything and everyone. But only takes you farther away from reality. Lol.

Anyway, we've got one interesting book to recommend this week to reveal more of the escapist in you from one of our favorite authors, Iain Reading, the exciting first installment in a new middle-grade series - The Dragon of the Month Club.

Known primarily for his published works of adventure-filled and action-packed books for middle-aged and young adult readers (read Kitty Hawk Flying Detective Agency Series review here!) The Dragon of the Month Club achieves what it set out to bring and it’s quite an interesting and engaging one to read. I love how Iain's writing often takes the reader on the edge of the fictional and real world. This book is part of a magical and surprising retreat where young Ayana Fall and Tyler Travers unleash varieties of exotic and extraordinary dragons while discovering unexpected and strange friendship with these creatures. This captivating world of adventure with dragons combines magic, mystery, science, classic stories, history and good old folktales to life.

I’m pretty sure young people with knack on anything adventurous and non-stop action would laugh at me for saying this but this story puts me literally into a rush and I have to stop between pages to catch my breath. The more you read and turn the pages, the deeper it takes you into that mystical world and the harder you’ll be able to get out of the whole experience. It felt real! I’m always into old feel-good reads and this something I would not normally read but I never regret it. Sometimes it’s always fascinating to dip your toe in new waters. Who knows you might just learn how to conjure your very own dragon.

Good luck and happy weekend!

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