How One Beaded Curtain Can Make an Enormous Difference

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Don’t we all love that one rare situation when you change one simple home decor and get the instant huge difference? It’s all in the details.

I’m always fascinated by home decors that instantly add personality to our family space. I spend most of my weekend taking care of the house, cleaning and tending to the corners that require attention or any household chores that brings me joy once completed. Even if that only includes moving the furniture, buying fresh flowers, displaying my baby girl’s photo or changing the bed sheets. Oh right these were basic and simple changes but I instantly got huge results- I felt more relax and stress-free. That good feeling that helps to reset my system - emotionally, physically and mentally.

So if you’ve thought that redecorating your home requires a lot of hard work but no instant result, think again. All it takes is to carefully pick one item that can transform your place into a glamorous one.  And the best way to enhance glam temperament at home and makes you feel homier is to add beaded curtains. Yep, and Whoa, I gasped when I first saw them at RomanShadeSale.

Romanshadesale is the most professional Roman shades retailer that provide four different kinds of quality curtains for your home. They are known for their ability to create unique and stylish products by combining modern fashion essence and life experiences to guarantee their products’ peculiarity. Specifically, for instance, every pattern was carefully researched and analyzed by their professional fabric designers worldwide. And the beaded curtain is incredibly one of their popular products.

Beaded curtains are cooler and more stylish than their traditional counterparts. They consist of wooden beads or crystal elements in a strong vertical structure for your doors or living room. One of my favorites is the decorative beaded curtains in rose or butterfly shapes as they require no extra accessories. These beaded curtains are great for the open area like the living room as they radiate luxurious and elegant environment. You can choose from a wide range of bright and light colors. Lilac, aqua, and champagne can always create a dreamy and romantic ambiance for people. The bright and bold colors, on the other hand, need to match the rest of your home interiors and design. If you choose red, gold or royal blue beaded curtains the rest of the area must be simple, clutter-free and clean.  Think of light painted wall and plain cabinets as matching complements.

How about you, what were the simple changes you had with home decor that made a huge difference? Tell me in the comments.

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This post was sponsored by RomanShadeSale. As usual, all opinions are my own.

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