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While anyone can be a President in my home country PH and almost "everybody" is a better alternative to Pres. Duterte in the eyes and mouths of many, (I'm getting too political!) everybody can be a "fashionista" here in Bangkok.

Politics aside, Bangkok stays on top of the game by introducing a new wave of street style fashion ahead of South East Asian countries: feminine, flirtatious and fun designs to satisfy your sartorial weaknesses. This city is most likely to top the bucket list of many fashion girls.

While I believe that outsourcing at lower labor cost from neighboring countries does, of course, play a big role, this fashion industry is driving more tourists and income to this Kingdom. Perhaps, Mocha should use her popularity and girl power to promote and improve PH's fashion industry rather than backing up an experienced politician. MMMkayyyy. However, while I acknowledge the low-cost and accessibility of their products but in terms of quality and worth for money, you'll get what you pay for. Yes, being meticulous is paramount. It may not send us topping the best-dressed list or drive up a good amount of social media followers but still, it's important and it is necessary. At least for me, nothing beats classy solid fashion pieces that are able to keep their staying power (and beauty) for some time with prices that won't break the bank. That said, a pretty good basic is called timeless for a reason.

Now that I'm sliding into my mid 30's like a true adult, it's time to take the lifestyle matures when it comes to my fashion choices - unapologetically confident! I don't mind spending 30 minutes or so searching for a bargain online or in stores if that would mean a 70-90% off on the original cost of the item. Believe it or not, I never pay full price for almost anything. Luckily I've found some Bangkok fashion stores that made buying quality pieces simple. And affordable. And online. They offer truly fantastic pieces that won't leave us with an epic case of buyer's remorse: Pomelo fashion, The Outlet24, Looksi Thailand and MySale among others.

A real investment, for the introverts!

And the price? It's more affordable than the products you buy from the open market. I've scored these Pomelo basics at almost 90% off (48THB to 90THB to be exact) plus a free gift on their website. So what's the secret? If you go online hunting, add as many items as you want to your cart and leave it there for few days. And if they see that you're interested but still on a fence to nab it, they'll offer you discounts and promo code until you confirm the order. Nah call it system error or marketing strategy but I've got one quarter sleeve tee for free. Otherwise,  I always see to it that I take advantage of their online promotions and sales or clearance before I buy their product. I also keep an eye on awesome deals from their partners for discount codes on top of my on-sale purchases. Impressive as some may say. Lol!

And to make sure my husband won't see my orders when it arrives home and my credit card details won't be compromised, I had my order shipped to Skybox booth located inside BTS station and went to pick-up on my most convenient time. You can select the shipping and payment option at check-out and you'll get to choose the time and delivery method. Want to see the product up close? You can have it delivered at their pop-up store or have it pick up yourself at their HQ. No regrets, and no weeks of waiting.

And while it happens that you wouldn't love your purchases, don't sweat it as you can always return and find something you truly love. I had two products successfully returned and refunded. No questions asked. Plus this online website sure put their money where their mouth is: backed up by 365 days of returns with many options and are actually executable.

And if you're thinking I'm only saying these because I was affiliated or sponsored by these brands, I just want to elevate you from the random chaotic shopper at 22 to a smart fashionable lady you'll be proud of. In this world where the idea of "easy money" and hacking is too mainstream, leaving us more vulnerable and susceptible to scam. Pomelo and mostly all online website I mentioned are https encrypted. This way, hackers are prevented from retrieving your personal information, credit card details or other sensitive information you're giving out. We already had enough share of online scams or identity theft - on Facebook or on the comforts of our phone,  I hope the government especially the women in leadership positions  (whom I believe are more responsible ahem) could take this into account when deciding where to direct the attention and the funds. Yes to women and safe shopping! Haha!

Happy shopping and thanks a lot for reading,

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