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The past few days had been an absolute whirlwind with all things due and ready to explode: studies, work deadlines, birthdays, Chloe's exam week, social commitment and to make my life more challenging I have blog posts and articles that are past due and I'm struggling to keep up. Phew!

And today, while I was looking through some old articles on my computer, I saw something and it spoke to me like it did when I wrote it that I just had to post it on my FB page. To quote from this article:

"We are often driven to show the world how good we are or how far we’ve come pressured by the future and by any means that we forgot to enjoy ourselves; to take a moment to realize it’s a very different experience if we stop long enough to seize the moment, the here and now and not the then and there."

The tone might be a little bit young, tired and even overwhelmed but yeah, why do we do this to ourselves? Whatever happened to the world in which we sit on the veranda, sip on our favorite coffee and just, watch the world go by? Slow on Sunday morning, as Maroon 5 very well put it.

Today, I want to remind myself and you to step back, stop and smell the flowers. We are not just another robot ticking things off our to-do list, we are human. Let's take the time to reflect, understand and feel every single moment our entire life will thank us for, shall we?

That being said, I'm grateful for friends who were such a breath of fresh air.

While the goal is to fight back against the curse of busy-ness - the overwhelming schedule that often left this poor momma exhausted and empty - my good friends and also my churchmates, Jona and Josaphat just helped me shoot these clothes I got from one of my favorite online website Blooming Jelly. 

About this brand, I'm really loving right now

Blooming Jelly has made dressing and shopping a lot easier over the past few years. Established in 2014 and by no means new to the game, Blooming Jelly has impressively gathered a group of passionate and dedicated designers who have this mission of setting trends instead of just selling them. I recently discovered this Guangdong-based apparel and clothing brand and instantly fell in love with the wide range of high fashion and beautiful designs they offer at their quick-and-easy to navigate website.

Yep, they are responsible for my spur of the moment obsession with this V-neck button-up wrap dress. A simple wrap up dress paired with a straw hat, bag and wedge sandals for that ideal summer outfit.

Currently, I'm living on this simple yet stylish enough outfit to carry you through summer beach nights to just another stroll to the mall with your little one. I think it's mainly because of it's light, fun and moderately priced aspects that I'm honing in on particularly.

And while there are plenty of cool trends our Insta-famous influencers are promoting out there, this v-neck wrap dress will unquestionably see us through this sweltering Bangkok weather in style.

Another trend that's not going anywhere anytime soon? Elegant lace patchwork maxi dresses - basic in nature but always remain striking in its simplicity. Black maxi dresses are one of those trusty pieces you can rely on no matter the occasion. 

You can pair with your favorite denim jacket for those cold airport nights while jetting off to faraway summer destinations or pair it with your heeled sandals to elevate your date-night outfit. A maxi dress not only serves you for a day at the beach but it can swiftly take you into the evening walk on the seashore in style. Furthermore, you can pretty much guarantee that with LBD (Long black dress) everything goes and you'll always land among the category of best dressed. 

International shipping and sizing info

Luckily at Blooming Jelly, every parcel is thoughtfully handled with a focus on making sure the items get delivered to their customers as quickly as possible. I am based here in Bangkok and it took approximately 10 working days from shipment for my items to arrive. But if you are in the US, free express shipping (for orders over $99) is available in your country and that will only take 2-5 business days shipping time. For fellow Asian, don't worry as I'm sure it's only a matter of time until they will cover the same shipping time to us.

And when it comes to sizing, they carry a wide range of international sizing from XS- XXXL. My friend Jona in photos is 5'4" and the size S just fits her well. But if you have a petite frame like me, chances are only XS sizing will fit and flatter your shape. I know that can be difficult especially if you love the design but the cut is either too long or too baggy - the good news is you can always run to your favorite tailor for some altering specifically for smaller silhouettes.

Scrolling made simple, so whether you're looking for trend pieces, timeless staples or wardrobe basics, here at Blooming Jelly, there's always something for everyone:



  1. That quote really spoke to me... so true.
    Loving the date night look... I love to glam-up!

    1. yay! thanks a lot! I'm glad you like it <3


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