Why Marriage Is Good For You

By Unknown - 9:51:00 PM

***Sending virtual hugs to the people who mostly needs it***

There are over one billion reasons not to get married and I don’t need to say it in details because I’m sure you’ve known it for a while, heard it from your friends, family or have seen it with your own eyes.

When we were young we’ve seen a lot of circumstances wherein they display negative actions towards marriage. Or probably your parents or siblings have shown you a bigger picture of what will happen if you ever engaged yourself into this. We KNOW, we BELIEVE them but we never LISTEN. We still get married anyway. Why? Maybe because while the soul undoubtedly knows it, the HEART wants to experience it. (The total eclipse of the heart and brain, LOL)

We cannot learn from the mistakes of other people. We have to go out there, make and learn from our own.

21 September 2011
Now that I’m married and if young couple will ask me for an advice. Here’s the thing; I’m not really a traditional kind of person and won’t go on asking you the list of questions like if you’re ready for sure, but I would rather insist and tell you that if you want longer and happier life, marriage is good for you.

And now, YOU DON’T BELIEVE ME, do you? :)

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